Looking for new log trailer?

If you are planning to buy one, 

get the second grapple 

for FREE!*

Why Weimer forestry trailers?

Weimer is a producer of high quality and well-functioning machinery for the forest industry.

60 years of 

Swedish engineering

Weimer has developed a large selection of timber loaders, timber trailers and accessories that make it easy to equip a tractor for efficient timber harvesting. 

Weimer timber cranes and trailers can help to turn your farm tractor to become a modern forest machine capable of nearly the same performance as a timber-carrying forwarder. 

Flexible and economical solution for timber extraction

Innovative products for an easy forestry works.

Weimer products are a combination of cutting-edge technology and the highest quality of components and materials. During manufacture, each Weimer product passes through a rigorous international quality assurance programme as well as practical performance and safety tests.

* - the second free grapple is available with log trailers with cranes only

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